Mitsuko Siegrist Design/Create food vessels
Mitsuko SiegristDesign/Create food vessels

Artist statement

  Ever since childhood, I have found beauty in the ordinary things around me, not necessarily in those things we see in museums. Things like handmade kitchen utensils, the Kimonos and futons that my grandmother made, miniature chests of drawers made of paper, sweaters and dresses that my mother made, and wood furniture that my father made. I remember that we had some Mino tea cups and Bizen pots in our kitchen, I enjoyed having tea in those cups. They were “alive”. I wondered who had made them. I talked to those cups. In my own work, I want to make functional pots that people will really use and hold in their hand, and perhaps they will wonder who made them, as I had wondered myself. As I became involved in ceramics, I became attracted to how the combination of clay and fire can be both powerful and delicate at the same time. I aim to create living works of art that have soul and sensibility. In process of designing and making my pieces, I am mindful to leave space so that the food itself completes the composition, thereby creating an authentic dining experience for the guests.           Mitsuko Siegrist 

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